Typography Design
Package Design
University of Greenwich
Created in 2021, the Revival project was a response to the issues that hospitality, specifically pubs, were facing as a result of the pandemic and it’s many lockdowns. 

The name Revival is given to this project as it based around helping a struggling industry, and allowing these local bars a new audience of people that can support  them without leaving their homes.

By crafting a typeface, and using it to brand products and campaign materials, the concept behind this project was to give these hospitality venues the support they were in need of, as well as keeping them in the publics mind for when they were allowed to reopen. 

The typeface was created by looking the pre-existing type found at the area’s pubs and bars. By drawing a typeface from the unique and interesting elements ‘Revival’ was born - a typeface uniquely suited to the pub aesthetic with elements from some of Brighton & Hove’s favourite watering holes.

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