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2022 – 2023
Working within the GAIL's Bakery marketing team as their Graphic Designer has been a great experience in applying my hospitality-specific design skills and knowledge across a multi-location chain.

In my role, for the most part, I have been solely responsible for executing the full graphic design output of this high street bakery chain during a time of rapid expansion, encompassing an increase from 78 locations to now over 120.

Projects have been varied throughout the time that I have worked in the team,but some highlights include supporting the launch of their new loyalty app; developing  internal docs, iconography and pitch decks used to seize major business opportunities; designing a new email template for their CRM system and collaborating with the grocery team across all of our brands to introduce multiple FMCG packaging lines
and custom branded fixtures into major UK supermarkets.

Please see just some of the design outcomes that I have had the chance to work on  below.
In time for the Autumn food launch, we released a new range of POS into our bakeries, with two main focusses for the season. Firstly, our collaboration with the high-end greengrocer Natoora, who made us a range of seasonal soups to serve alongside our sourdough bread. Secondly, the celebration of our bread winning multiple Great Taste awards from the Guild of Fine Food.
Just in time for the Christmas season, we designed a range of gifting materials to launch into our bakeries. This included wrapping paper, Christmas cards, washi tape and a high-quality tote bag. At the bakeries themselves, both the insides and outsides were adorned with the Lino-printed characters of Christopher Brown.
To promote the launch of our loyalty app earlier this year, we created a whole new range of materials to prompt user downloads from inside the bakeries. Again using the illustrations of Chris Brown, we took over everything from brandboards to a-boards, countersigns and postcards to give to our loyal GAIL's customers.
Lunch was the focus of our Summer launch in 2023, with a wide new range of sandwiches, drinks, and for the first time, crisps; hand-cooked by our friends at Two Farmers. With the aim of getting our regular breakfast and coffee visitors to come back for lunch, we once again took over the in bakery signage with our impactful lunch messaging.
The long-standing relationship between GAIL's and Waitrose evolved over my time in the company, with now over 159 Waitrose locations stocking our baked goods. To strengthen this partnership further, we worked to design dedicated brand fixtures in 64 stores in the South and East of England, ensuring the GAIL's brand and messaging is translated from our bakeries to their in-store experience.

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