Visual Identity
Web Design
Point of Sale
MT Food Ltd
2021 – 2022
An exciting client I had the chance to work with this year is Crudo. Based in Worthing, Crudo is a brand New Mexican street food restaurant/cocktail bar right on the seafront. I had the great opportunity to join them before they opened in early 2022 to craft their visual identity, build their website and launch their socials.

Working with a start-up such as Crudo was a great experience, challenging me with limitless creative freedom to craft, from scratch, a design system that can stand out among the other hospitality venues in Worthing. The visual style takes influence from the street food aspect of Crudo's offering, with strong and impactful typography and quirky, unique elements that set it apart from the rest of the bars and restaurants in this up and coming hospitality-driven town centre.

This project gave me many exciting contexts to test out my design work, at a far larger scale than I have experienced before. With a large 4m x 4m sign permanently adorned along the main coastal road into Worthing, along with thousands of customers reading the menus in just the first few months of opening, this client gave me an invaluable lesson in designing with real people in mind.

Quickly bringing in thousands of interactions with the website, many articles about the restaurant and soaring to the top 50 on Tripadvisor in a few months, Crudo is proving to be a great addition to Worthing town centre. The work I have done for them, and continue to do as this project keeps evolving and moving forward, is some of my favourite, and makes me proud to leave such a distinct mark on my home town.

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